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Austin and Ally Challenge: OTP [1/3]

↳ Austin Moon and Ally Dawson (auslly)

dez & trish shipping auslly

season 1 || season 3 {insp}


- So… why’d you and Piper break up?

- I still have feelings for you. I’ve always liked you, I guess I never stopped…

so wait up, wait up, give me one more chance. to make up, make up, i just need one last dance.


austin and ally + text posts (part 5)

I can’t stop making these, I have a problem

"We’re so so close. Honestly, we’re like a little family."

If you’re lucky, she may answer with the single greatest word in the English language.
"but i can’t say that it isn’t possible, it could happen" -ross lynch (vote)
2011 - 
Me without you just isn't the same.